Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between an area pass and a pool pass?

The area pass gives you access to everything in the Storrs Pond Recreation Area except the pool. You have access to the two beaches on the pond, tennis courts, hiking and biking trails, basketball courts, and discounts to all our programs. The pool pass allows you everything the area pass as well as access to the pool.

Why is the pond level lower than what I’m used to?

We have been working with two hydraulic engineering firms to determine the extent of our watershed and how much the pond might rise in a significant flood. The past few years our weather has continued to get more “severe” at least in terms of rainfall. The outflow of the dam has a limited capacity and we need to be careful not to exceed the height of the core wall of our dam. That’s why we needed to remove the flashboard from the overflow pipe and lower the level approximately 12 inches. When we receive the engineering studies confirming the flood information we might be able to add to the pond height.

Why do I have to pay an entrance fee if I am a Hanover resident?

Storrs Pond is owned and operated by the Hanover Improvement Society not the Town of Hanover. The Hanover Improvement Society is an independent nonprofit organization, dedicated to provided good works to the town. It is not subsidized in any way by the Town of Hanover.

Do pass holders get special rates for guests?

No. It’s not a part of our pricing structure.

Do pass holders pay to host or attend picnics?

Yes, but at a discounted rate.

How do I get to Storrs Pond?

Storrs Pond is in Hanover, NH. You can find a map on the Contact Us page.

What can I do at Storrs Pond?

Storrs Pond Recreation Area offers a wide variety of outdoor activies for the whole family:

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  • Storrs Pond is closed for the season
  • See you in 2019!

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