Deck Renovation Project

The Storrs Pond Tennis Community is conducting a $10,000 fundraising campaign to provide funds to enhance the tennis hut and deck area by the courts at Storrs Pond. This is a lively area all summer with camps, clinics, adult and Jr. teams, fundraisers and community play and events ongoing. In order to support the increased level of activity over the past few years we are expanding the deck to accommodate larger groups and providing a safe storage area for equipment. Specifically the plan is to do the following:

  • Enlarge Deck – Replace grassy area between the hut and courts with a concrete patio and seating. Add a partial roof and back wall to contain the area and provide space for bulletin board.
  • Water Fountain Area – This area will be fixed up and integrated into new space.
  • Refrigerator and BBQ Grill Area – easily accessible from deck area.
  • Net – Add a net above backboard at rear of courts.

As you all know we have an amazing upper valley tennis community and we envision an even livelier one with evening barbeques, with junior ladder matches, teens and young adults playing doubles matches, adults enjoying time with friends after team matches, fund raisers for local organizations, and on and on.

The cost of these improvements is $10,000. Billy has generously offered to donate his time for the labor and will oversee the construction. The donations we are seeking are for materials and some help to complete the work in a timely way. We hope you will support our efforts to make the Storrs Pond tennis courts an active summer place where everyone is enjoying tennis, friends and family.

The deck and hut renovation is undergoing further evaluation from the Hanover Improvement Society and the Town of Hanover Planning Board. The project will go forward when all plans are approved.

Thanks for your support and we’ll see you on the courts!

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Hank Harjes
Fiona Heaney
Julie Leonard
Billy Pontious
Mary Reynolds
Bob Riessen
Karen Seltzer


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